You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to have a beautiful home, you just need to be willing to work a little “more”, but that gives it the extra special touch that guarantees that nobody else will have the same things you do!

Don’t take me wrong, I LOVE magazine décor, I love to have an Instagram ready background, but I also love to have unique objects to showcase 😉

1. Bargains, bargains, bargains!: I know it is tempty to go to Pottery Barn or Pier1 and get a whole section from them, but being realistic, we can almost never do something like that!. You can achieve the same style taking your own time at your own pace and more importantly, with your own budget: check thrift stores and discount stores, some times you won’t believe the things you can find on a super low budget! I’m talking about the home décor sections at Home Goods, Bed Bath & Beyond but also the Burlington and Ross that have some amazing findings that may help you achieve your dreamy décor. Wal-Mart has some times some great deals on home décor that you can incorporate to your own dreamy design.

And I am also talking about visiting your dollar store to find bargains that you can use as elements to create new things. Poshmark, Crighlist or anything similar can also spark some ideas! (Unless you have a thing with used stuff so you can skip that part).

Think about those places that may be close from home and have unique objects or potential elements for your new décor.

EXAMPLE: You would never believe I bought this for $3 and did a patina over it to make it look more “expensive” 😉

lamp with patina

2. Visualize on Pinterest boards: it is a GREAT way to start visualizing your ideal space, the things you like (and the things you DON’T like!).

I don’t know about you, but I feel a sense of happiness and inspiration when I navigate through Pinterest pins that I like… I love creating new idea boards and checking them out to find more inspiration when I need it.

Look for home décor ideas, space transformations and all kinds of keywords that may help you see interesting pins that can inspire you with your own project, and don’t worry about pricing, just imagine realistically what could work for you and your space.

Pinterest boards

3. Move things around: Something as simple as moving things around may have a great visual impact and give you the feel that you have completely changed your space. Sometimes we are too used to our current way and we may not even notice that are better and more efficient ways to predispose your furniture and décor to make it shine. Play, experiment, and above all, HAVE FUN while doing it!

Re arranging a space is something that will breathe new life into your home and make you think you have taken the first step into your dream décor. Don’t stop until you fell comfortable and happy with what you see, and remember, you can ALWAYS go back to the way it was before 😉

re-arrange your space

4. Shop in your own home: Sometimes we have old stuff that we put behind and leave on a box or at the bottom of a drawer… or even at a storage room if you have one of those! Checking out what we have with “fresh eyes” can help us see new uses for it, new places to highlight.

The same happens with re-arranging our old décor… it may bring up to mind some special features that we never imagined just by looking at our old décor with new eyes and create new décor from old things that we don’t even consider anymore.

DIY before and after

5. Check out expensive places websites or stores: You may think that those super expensive décor finds are out of your reach with a limited budget, but you would never believe how easy it is sometimes to replicate those expensive looking objects with a little DYI project. Look for the objects you like and write down their names (and the stores where you find it too!) take your own pictures or Google them for more details if you need, and later you can even Google for some other DIY bloggers that may have already done a project to help you guide step by step.

If you are a beginner and you don’t feel comfortable creating from scratch, the step-by-step guides will be your best friends!

If you feel like experimenting you may end up with things even better than you imagined when started.

pottery barn on a budget