5 tips to make your home smell incredible without chemicals

Have you ever entered a home that smelled fantastic and wondered how can they make it smell so good and fresh? Many people resource to comercial air fresheners (plugged into the wall for example) but we know those chemicals can be harsh for ours and our family’s health in the long term, so here I bring you some amazing tips to make your home smell just like you want it with organic resources 😉

The primarily ingrediente we will be using for this purpose is Esencial oils: it is important to do a research and look for the best organic fragrances, because sometimes we may bring harsh chemicals into our home via these esencial oils without even realizing!

The uses for esencial oils are endless, but we will focus primarily into the “house smell” this time.

Diffusers: you can research to find the best one for you (with or without water, plugged into the wall or to a USB depending on your space, etc.). Some diffusers bring also humidity to your room and others can be also programmed around your schedule to function and bring the amazing fragrance and its benefits right to you.

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Homemade air fresheners: this is an amazing non chemical solution to refresh your soft surfaces such as curtains, cushions and fabric sofas among any other fabric surface you may need to refresh. You just need to mix 15 to 30 drops of your preferred esencial oil with 2 tablespoons of baking soda, add water and transfer it to a spray bottle to use it right against the fabric surfaces.

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Homemade carpet fresheners: a lot like the air fresheners, this takes q tablespoon of baking soda and 15 drops of your favorite scented oil and just incorporates also 1 tablespoon of cornstarch. You need to mix well and pour it into a shaker (like a salt or powder shaker). You need to sprinkle your carpet with this powder mix 15 minutes before you vacuum it and you are DONE! The cornstarch will absorb any greasy agent stuck between your carpet, the baking soda will get rid of the bacteria that causes the odors and the oil will leave it’s sent even after vacuumed. This trick will also help you clean your vacuum 😉

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Scented Candles: I would strongly recommend to make your own scented candles to make sure those are organic (with soy wax or real bee wax are the best with the organic scented oil of your choice), but any scented candle of your choice will make the trick too. Lighten scented candles will uplift your mood, set a mood in a room and help you keep a fresh aroma all around.

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Coffee beans: you will never believe how much aroma you can get from some coffee grains and an oil burner! just use a fistful of coffee beans in your oil burner mixed with 5 drops of your favorite scented oil and your home will smell like coffee for hours. You can also use coffee beans containers for other purposes (hold artificial flowers, decorative balls) and it will still give you a subtle scent that will blend with your home. If you use them to hold your scented candles, the warmth of the candle container will also activate the coffee smell.

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I hope you try some of this ideas, or ALL OF THEM! and let e know how it went for you.

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