I can tell you for sure that I was a “plant killer” my entire life! I was never a “plant fan” and I still often forget to even water them regularly! but lately I have found a new passion to grow my own garden (even when I live in a small apartment!) without harsh chemicals, GMO components or other non-natural components.

It was really a challenge for me to start growing my own plants. I started with some seed and a medium to grow them, but they really didn’t lasted long… the Florida heat and my tendency to forget to water or care for them was a fatal combination.

Frustrated I went to buy organic small plants already grown but I could not make them live either! until I started with a really good indoor herb garden starting kit! that taught me a few things about plants!!! I have now pumpkins, sunflowers, basil, cilantro, parsley, leaks, green onions AND I am growing a tiny little plant from a lemon seed 🙂

I feel comfortable saying that I have now 6 tips for other people like me, to start growing their own plants and seeds 😉


1. Buy a good medium: this is the best way to start. You need to look for nurturing soil for the seeds to start blooming. Investigate and search for the best rated medium that will give your plants the best kick start! These usually come in compacted shape and you need to nourish it with warm water to make it grow.

Plant medium for seeds

2. Terracota pots: I don’t have a scientific reasoning behind this preference… but I can tell you for sure that every time I used a terracota pot, the plant grew better and stronger than ever! I start with the mini terracota to make each seed bloom, and I have some medium size for later transplantation.

Lemon sprout

3. Water!!! of course this is OBVIOUS but trust me, you need to water your plants every day in almost every case when they are in the first stages! check the instructions of the starter medium because some times it is better to let the top dry a little before watering to avoid “over watering”. You don’t want to “under watering” either, so it is a delicate balance that you need to keep. Try to use small amounts of water, leave the top to dry a little before watering again…. and repeat every day until you start see the first sprouts.

Sprouts and Plants

4. Mold (white fuzzy stuff): This usually appears when you over water your plants. This means STOP watering it that much! use less water and less often to see how the plant react BUT first you need to get rid of this mold for the plant to keep growing. To get rid of the mold, put hydrogen peroxide on a spray bottle and spray it directly to the areas where you see the mold. In less than 24 hours this mold will disappear. You can repeat this step as many times as you need to. Remember to keep testing the amount of water and the frequency to make sure the plant is not being overtaken by the mold.

Image via Pinterest

5. Sun and wind!: your plants will need at least 8 hours of real sun (direct or indirect) to grow. If you have a relatively dark place, your plants won’t grow as needed. Think about acquiring a UV lamp for plants to ensure they have the light they need every day. They also need some wind to stimulate the growth of their roots… so open the window o use a fan close to the plants to help them develop those roots!.

Pumpkin flower

6. Transplant: Once your plant is showing some leafs, and starting to grow, you can start thinking about the transplant… and trust me, this was a very scary part for me! If you are growing edibles, you will need to look for OMRI certified soil to make sure you are eating as natural as possible.

Transplanted sprouts

Keep taking care of your plants and you will feel like you have a green thumb 🌱