This is specially dedicated to renters, but if you own your home and you also need to re decorate on a budget, all this ideas will be amazing for you too 😉

1. Counter top: even if you have a marble table top, there are some nice tricks you can use to improve it, change it or make it look completely different from the real thing.

I love to use some type of high resistant contact paper (link vinyl ) to change the look of the counter top when the marble has an original color I don’t like or is too old or does not match the style of décor that I have on mind, or simply when the counter top is not marble at all and looks cheap and dull.

Of course you will have to be extra careful when you use this type of vinyl on your countertops so I suggest the use of decorative cork coasters and other wooden boards that will help you with the hot and messy things in the kitchen while saving your precious new look on the counter tops.

Another option, if you have marble and you actually like the color of it, is to revive it with some type of marble protector that can bring that color back to life.

2.  Backsplash tiles: this is an amazing trick that you can get for really cheap: you can use again a high resistance vinyl of your choice OR you can search for the peel and stick tiles that make it all soooo easy! I would suggest ordering a few different samples to check how the real colors would look like in your kitchen and then select the one the is best for you. You can find this amazing peel and stick backsplash tiles at Wal-Mart or Amazon for really fair prices with several different styles to choose from!

3. Mason Jars: this is a cheap simple way to organize your kitchen while making it look more stylish on a really friendly budget. You can go as high as painting them and adding little indicator signs for each one of them, or just leaving it plane transparent and display your dry goods on it. You can leave them on your counter top as a part of the decoration or save it in your cabinets or pantry if you have one, it will help you keep everything organized while looking spectacular.

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4. Lighting: you will never imagine how much your kitchen life will change once you install some simple LED lights at some key places: below the countertops and near your faucet area and window if you have one. This will help you actually see when you are cooking at night while providing at atmosphere of sophistication to your old kitchen. You can install it yourself with some commad hooks and using some really affordable ikea or Amazon LED lights.

Bring as much light as you can to your kitchen to feel comfortable.

Image via pureopticsled

5. Utensils and décor: you will be using a huge amount of utensils that you may need to have handy. Make use of everything you can think of to organize your kitchen while making it look good. For example, use a glass vase to organize your most important utensils while keeping them organized in an elegant way.

If you don’t have space for adding extra things to your counter, then think vertical! Hang as much as you can from your walls as long as the placement works for you to have everything handy.

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6. Organizers: Spices and condiments and coffee can be displayed or saved in well organized containers that uplift your kitchen for just a few bucks.

Set coffee organizer near your coffee maker to create a sense of “coffee station” and place your condiment jars on a simple organizer near your stove to have easy access to it while looking amazingly organized.

Image via athome

7. Silicone Oven Mittens: invest in a good par of mittens for your kitchen. This is something that is totally worth the investment. You will need some mittens that you can actually count on, that will help you with your daily cooking chores and, if you really invest on a nice par, you can have them on display and handy all the time while looking good and expensive.

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