I always find myself looking for unique objects, things that make a statement but are still tasteful and look expensive. There are some items I like and I don’t mind sharing with the entire population, but still there are some others that I would like it to be more unique, authentic and more related to my own personal taste.

Unfortunately this “uniqueness” is often related to “expensiveness” and that is something that we can’t all afford.

Luckily here comes the best part: we can DIY! And if you have some imagination, tools and sometimes a step-by-step guide J you can accomplish anything on a fair budget that fits your pocket!

 Let’s talk about 3 decorations with peas: all colors and shapes!

  1. Decoration balls.
  2. Filled Vases.
  3. Portraits and Frames.
  4. Candle Holders

Decorative balls: the hot glue gun is your best friend! use foam balls of different sizes to help you create a more unique look. You can mix the beans and peas as you please, using the colors that match your decor (or the season!).

These are super easy to make and replace if needed for a new and fresh look to accommodate your home decor to each season 🙂

You can display your peas balls on plates, trays or glass containers to make them look fantastic!

Another option, to help it blend with your decor and the season, is to paint the end result with the color of your choice. Spray paint is the best option in those cases

peas and beans balls

Filled Vases: this is one of the simples uses for the beans and peas! You just select a glass container that you like and you just start filling it in with different types of beans to match the colors with your decor!

These objects could last as long as you want and you can mix as many colors as you prefer! Try to tilt the vase while filling it so it won’t create a flat defined line between colors but more like a mound that looks much more “expensive” than just pouring one bean/pea type after the other:

Image via apopofpretty

Portraits and Frames: you can either select a design to follow or simply work with the different textures and colors of the different beans and peas of your choice.

You can paint the end result to make it look more sophisticated.

Image via Pinterest

Candle Holders: similar to the vase fillers, use a can inside the candle holder and fill it in with the peas and or beans of your choice to help the cande stay in place and make the holder an amazing centerpiece for any occasion.

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Image via inthenext30days