Home decor tips DIY

You don’t need to spend a fortune to have a really nice high end looking home!

These tips and tricks can help you make the most of your budget!

Always look for glass, wood, stone, and natural materials in general. Those tend to look more expensive and give you the high end look you’re looking for with a limited budget.

centerpiece made of glass tray + natural seashells + Ikea candle and glass candle holder

Here are some examples of where you can search for these items:

  1. HomeGoods: check for small decor item bargains. Don’t pass by the sections, inspect and look for the small vases, wood items, and trays that can match your decor style to tie everything up
  2. Look for DIY tutorials online: there are MANY DIY YouTube accounts that can give you inspiration and step by step tutorials to make affordable high end looking decor items. You may even have everything you need already at home.
  3. Ikea: you won’t believe the incredibly affordable finds you can make if you hit your IKEA store with an open mind! Don’t go looking only for furniture or light fixtures, check the little details among the spaces and hit the home section with all the small items for extra inspiration.

Other tips include making your home smell good and feel cozy, and candles are the best option.

  1. Dollar store candles: hit your local dollar store and search for nice-looking candle jars, of course, check the smell too 😉 but you don’t even need to light them, you can use them for decor and to give a cozy look to any corner of your home!
  2. IKEA candles: their candles have become a must for me, I need to leave with a ton of candles every time I visit an IKEA store. No matter what, those always smell good and last really long! Search for nice candle holders also to make them look high end.
  3. Homemade candles: I have an entire post about this and how to make the most of your purchases 😉 you can read everything about it here: soy wax candles, how to make them perfect every time

Don’t forget to add greens! for a few dollars you can buy beautiful plants that accommodate to your lifestyle and will give life to any space. The trick is to use nice planters and make them look more expensive 😉

the green complement the white and neutral space beautifully image via unsplash

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