gallery wall

I’ve always liked those gallery walls that look stunning, but no matter what I did, mine didn’t look quite good.

After some experimentation and a lot of hours on Pinterest 😉 I’ve picked up some tips that I want to share with you because I am sure it will help you with your gallery wall too.

These are the tricks you need to know: Shapes and Sizes are the first thing you need for your Display Plan to work by mixing Texture with Colors and Patterns that match your decor.

Shapes and Sizes: you need to select what is the minimum and maximum size your wall can take. Something too small may be overlooked and if it is far away it can’t be read, and something too big may be overwhelming and distract the attention from the rest of the wall. Start with the smallest and biggest sizes and work all the sizes in between to fill in the gaps.

Shapes and sizes that matches your decor

Display Plan: Once you know your sizes, you can start working and playing with your display plan. Measure your wall (or the part of the wall where you will display your gallery) and start working on the display by adding different sizes and shapes. Then you can fill those in with your art. This will help you buy or create the pieces you would like the most. You may find yourself with too many horizontal pieces and in need of some vertical ones or even gaps that may be filled with something else like a letter board or arrows of different formats that you didn’t contemplate when selecting your original sizes and shapes.

Create a display plan

Textures: It is important to choose different textures! it can not all be the same or it will look dull and boring! mix wood with charcoal and plastic with soft and rough finishes. Glass and rustic go perfect together. It is in the texture of each one of your pieces that your wall will look it’s best. Try to avoid having more than 2 pieces of the same style and even then place those as far as possible from each other, to gain more visual texture.

Gallery wall textures

Colors and Patterns: almost as important as the textures, the colors of your art will give character to your display. It will need to follow a plan or color scheme to work best. You will be buying and/or creating your pieces and those can not look to be all the same, but also can not mix colors that don’t agree with your overall home decor. Sometimes it is tempting to add a new patter but you need to be extra careful that this patter will match your overall decor as well or it will look too much.

Gallery Wall colors and patterns