Our body desperately need those veggies, and being 100% honest, I hate some of them! This is why I have found some tips and tricks to eat my veggies even when I absolutely hate them, but I know my body needs them.

Chopped vegetables

Some of your best friends to disguise the veggies you don’t like are cheese (in all of their formats), heavy cream or milk and eggs.

My biggest struggle here is that even when I am trying my best to eat my veggies and have them done in some creative and tasty ways, I still have to cook them in most of the occasions… and I know it is better to have them “au natural” but there are some that are just impossible for me (and for many kids!) so for now be happy to introduce all of this veggies to your diet even if it is only when cooked!

These are the best ways to disguise those veggies that you (or your kids) would never eat otherwise:
1. Grated at the oven
2. Fried cakes
3. Quiches and mini quiches
4. Pies
5. Creamy Soups

Grated in the oven: this means extra cheese!
The best veggies to grate in the oven are those more firm, with more body than just leafs. For example: brussels sprouts, eggplant, arrowroot, asparagus, turnip, parsnip, bell peppers, etc.
Cooking tips: you can fry first the vegetables or just cut them in cubes and put in an oven safe dish or casserole. Use your favorite spices, salt, and olive oil (canola, sesame oil, and any other flavored oil helps too). Make a bechamel sauce (by heating butter adding flour salt and milk and stirring well!) cover the vegetables with the sauce and cook in the oven until tender covered in aluminum foil (to avoid burning the top). Once the vegetables are tender, sprinkler cheddar cheese and parmesan cheese on top and grate. I can promise you you will eat whatever veggie is under that delicious cheese and among the savory sauce 😉


Fried cakes: you can use all of your leafy veggies for this recipe. It is perfect for kale, spinach, cabbage, and you can mix it with some others that you like more 😉
Cooking tips: You just need to use a blender (any blender will do! you don’t need to have the super expensive Thermomix like!) fill it with leafs and other pre-cooked or raw veggies of your choice, add eggs, milk (you can use almond/coconut milk too), add a pinch of salt and some seasoning of your choice. Blend and transfer to a bowl where you can add flour until it thickens enough to fry them on a pan and look like any regular fried cake.

Fried vegetable cakes

Quiches and mini quiches: this is for any type of vegetable!.
Cooking tips: You can use leafs and other firm vegetables of your choice and follow the same steps as the fried cakes putting them on the blender (again, any blender will do!) with eggs and milk and some seasoning. You will need the pie crust and molds to fill with the stuffing. Just add a little flour and add some shredded cheese and little bacon bites to the top of every quiche.

Vegetable quiches

Pies: you can use pureed veggies (any veggie that can be pureed) to mix colors and consistency or fried chopped leafs or both.
Cooking tips: use your favorite pie crust (homemade or pre-made). You will need eggs to mix your puree or fried leafs. You can add some heavy cream, ham and/or bacon and cheese! You can use some crumbs for the topping to make it even more tasty.

Vegetable pie

Creamy Soups: this is the best for some people to not even have to “chew” their veggies or taste it in smoothies.
Cooking tips: use the vegetables that give the best flavor but that you don’t like to chew (kale, leks, chives, mushrooms, etc.) and boil it with some chicken broth or chicken stock. Use some “creamy” veggies as well, like potatoes, pumpkins, etc. Once tender use a hand held blender and liquify everything! Now your soup is ready to add some noodles and keep cooking until done. Finish it with some heavy cream, sour cream or piladelphia cheese to soften. You will eat almost anything this way 😉

Vegetable creamy soup